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Looking for a thrill? These masters of crime fiction are sure to keep your heart racing.

Billy Summers

The Rose Code

The Law of Innocence

The Guest List

Open Season

The Other Emily


Pretty Things

The Sanatorium

Inca Gold

Fortune and Glory

A Time for Mercy

The Maidens

Survive the Night

The Push

Apples Never Fall

The President’s Daughter

City on Fire

How It Ends

Then She Was Gone

One by One

Heartbreak Bay

The Consequences of Fear

We Begin at the End

The Devil's Hand

The Beirut Protocol

Behind Her Eyes

The Committed

The Venice Sketchbook

Trust No One

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy


The Devil in the White City

The Titan's Curse

Slow Fire Burning

Troubled Blood

The Wife

Masked Prey

Drown Her Sorrows

An Unexpected Peril

Heaven, My Home

The Stillwater Girls

The Searcher


Sherlock Holmes

The Kaiser's Web


Mexican Gothic

The Bombay Prince

Time's Convert


The Wife Upstairs

Behind Closed Doors

Punching Tickets

Kings Lake Investigation Series

Something in the Water

And Then There Were None

Parable of the Talents

Fortune and Glory

An Easy Death

Long Bright River

In Cold Blood

The Final Girl Support Group

A Private Cathedral

Bath Haus

Still Life

Transient Desires

When She Was Good

One Second After

Razorblade Tears

The Getaway

One of Us Is Lying

Big Lies in a Small Town


Dizzy Heights Mystery Series

The Wrong Family

Gone Girl

Never Let Me Go

Blood Grove

The Talented Mr. Ripley

The Night Hawks

Year One

My Sister the Serial Killer

A Good Marriage

You Love Me

The Cellist

The Mountain Man Omnibus

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Only Good Indians

The Bangtail Ghost

Who Is Maud Dixon?

The Big Sleep


Hold Your Breath

Riviera Gold

A Gambling Man

The Memory Police

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